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What is a Mat?

A mat is a board that is cut to the size of the frame on the outside and has an inside cut for the artwork.

Why have a mat?

From an aesthetic standpoint, the mat is a place for the eye to rest between the artwork and the frame.   A large mat can be used to give a piece of artwork more prominence in a room.   Small pieces of art are particularly difficult to hang without making them feel dwarfed by the surroundings.

From a conservation standpoint, the mat is used to keep the art away from the glass.   If the artwork is pressed up agains the glass, there is a possibility that the pigments from the artwork will stick to the glass.

Are mats for readymade frames or custom framing?

Both.   Mats are particularly useful when trying to fit an odd-sized piece of artwork into a readymade frame.  A custom mat and a readymade frame is an economical solution when full custom framing is not required.

How do I choose a mat?

We strongly recommend that you bring your artwork to the store so that one of our experts can advise you on your options and the appropriate color.   Even when choosing a "white" mat, there are dozens of options and subtle shades in the artwork should be taken into consideration.